MiniTrack Personal Tracker


MiniTrack GPS tracker will give you a completely new level of awareness and convenience.  Loaded with GPS and WiFi positioning, Qbit enables you to view real-time location from a computer, tablet or smartphone.  Being stylish, tough and accurate, the MiniTrack is an ideal for kids, the elderly, and people with special needs.

GPS & WIFI positioning
Allow the location to be pinpointed in real time or periodically
Compact size
Easy to carry and able to place it in various locations
IPX5 water resistance
Water-resistant case to ensure stable operation in tough environment
Enter / Exit geo-fence alert
Create geofences in circle or rectangle for key locations
Audio monitoring
It enables you to listen to the surroundings
Emergency SOS button
Thumb sized button allowing urgent call during an emergency case
Low battery alert
A warning will sent by email or SMS when low battery occurs
Two-way communication
With MIC and speaker, it realizes two-way communication